Simple Sextant Manual

web merman and her

After a long silence I am back with new doodlings. We are currently in Jacare, in north-east Brazil. In the past 8 months I sailed “Kehaar” from Darwin across Indian Ocean to South Africa, then I took my recumbent bicycle for a 5 000 km ride around 6 countries sharing the Kalahari desert. Done no art work on the way, life was fairly hectic without it. My love flew to South Africa and she found me in Saldanha Bay, 50 miles north of Cape Town. We sailed together across the “Housewive’s Ocean” to Brazil, just in time for the Carnival in Paraiba-Pernambuco, a full-on street party going on for 11 days straight. Second week in the country, recovering from Carnival, I did all the paperwork to clear in, and finally we have time to catch up on a bit of art.

web sail the tub

I post here a few doodles I did during the passage, most of them on navigation charts as they were spread on my chart table. Ideas to develop further.

web zodiac frame

On a long ocean passage you need to keep a tight reign on your mind, or it will wander off on a sharp tengent. Here I am developing our ideas about an alternative Zodiac.

web title page

First version of my “Sail-ship earth”, drawn on a chart I was using to navigate at the moment. It was meant to be a title page of a “Manual of Sextant navigation” that I wrote in South Africa, a short course in practical astro-navigation without any theory or complicated mathematics.

web sextant box

This version of “Sailship earth” I painted in acrylics on the wooden lid of my sextant box. I also used it to promote the Manual. Being only 19 pages long, we placed it as a pdf file in our ETSY shop (““).

web kehaar badge

2 thoughts on “Simple Sextant Manual

  1. kris love following you ,i went to sea 1956 at age 17 in oz 1958 sailing trailables farr 6000 . you are right dont stop dreaming, they told me in primary i was a dreamer and thought something wrong with me ,bastards,i recovered and many unfullfilled dreams . keep going citicen of the world ,my friend in brazil i met in camino 1000 km spain,but no doubt you have companions.bon voyage salty.

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