four more marblings

Here are four more advanced marblings from our show, all are acrylic on cotton canvas, about 300x360mm (12″x 14″).

boat at sea

Sailboat is painted into an appropriate window left out in the centre of the pattern of swirled non-pareil.

eye of shiva

“The Eye of Shiva” started with the same basic pattern. A drop of clear water pushed the marbling apart to allow for the eye, and a swirl with a tooth pick created the eye socket.


My love took one look at these guys and declared: “That’s a Jesuit Procession”. So “Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam” it is.

fairy godmotherinlaw

This basic pattern of non-pareil combed towards the centre with four short combs lends itself to butterflies, fairies and other four-winged creatures. In this particular case it’s more like “Fairy God-mother in law”.

Photos by Nat from

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