Marbling canvas

Our marbling exhibition last Friday at DVAA was a great little show, and I’d like to thank everyone who turned up. Today I will post six new marblings on canvas that were framed to hang on the wall. They are all a little larger than our ordinary marbling, about 12×17 inches (300x420mm). Acrylic on mordanted cotton canvas.

colour blue1

“Supraintelligent manifestation of colour Blue”, as it appeared briefly in the “Restaurant at the end of the Universe” by Doug Adams.

colour blue2

Another take on the same theme.


“Homa” bird comes from Persian mythology.


In marbling, when you get something you really like, you know it is a unique piece; no matter how hard you try to replicate the previous print, it will never come out quite the same. Once I was happy with my “Homa” bird, I tried a dozen of them, and they are all very different.


“Vata” was a planet-wide sentient kelp in a series of novels by Frank Herbert. I’ve been developing the”vata”  pattern for years and for some reason warm colours feel the best for it.vata2

Photos by Nat from



One thought on “Marbling canvas

  1. I have been experimenting with marbling on canvas and am hoping you can help me. Do you use unprimed or prepared (gessoed) canvas? If the canvas is prepared, do you have a problem with the alum staying on the canvas? I am working on methyl cellulose size with Golden High Flow acrylics. Right now I paint over the gessoed canvas with Golden Absorbent Medium and then apply the alum. However this method prevents me from painting background colours (for example- black backgrounds) before marbling. Thank you.

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