The first 13 posts of my Bestiary generated so little interest that I see no point spending the next six months posting something that no one is interested in. I scrapped the whole project of e-Bestiary and we will look at something else.


My love conceived of schizograph about 20 years ago as undirected large scale doodling. She would pick up her Rotring pen and start drawing in one corner of a large sheet of paper and cover the whole surface in doodles until she reached the opposite corner. With time she added sophistication of textures and motives of diverse origin: Harry Clarke and Ernst Haeckel being the towering influences.

Not being able to liberate myself from the compulsion to draw images, I structure my own schizographs around ideas. The current series could be subtitled “Experiments in doodling” with additional influences of Sydney Syme, Bierdsley, Jacek Yerka and Nat herself.


Brain, after Miroslav Bartak.


Dinner was suggested by my schizographing cat.


This is borderline a schizograph, but doodling was unintentional.


7 thoughts on “Schizograph

  1. Those are beautiful, as were your beasts in the beastiary but I admit to have been just a looker and not a commenter when you posted them. For the above, I love the dinner one (that’s some weird cat you have!) and the seas are teeming with life in your drawing. Both you and Nat are so talented I am actually in awe when I look at your work. I tend to get pretty quiet and not say anything when I am so awestruck, but now I see you also use your blog for feedback so I will attempt to crawl from my shell more often to comment. I am still amazed at your last ocean-filled mishap and so thankful you made it back safely!
    All the best in whatever way your creativity comes forth!

  2. Hi Kris,
    I’m sorry you’ve ceased to publish the Beastiary I found every post fascinating. This Schizograph captures my imagination too. Maybe you haven’t captured a big enough audience yet. I’d commented as much as I felt you’d take me for a stalker. So I hope you can accept a little unqualified praise.

    Don’t stop!

  3. It will be good to see whatever art you make Kris… in the end I believe we need to make the art that makes us happy inside, whether we have an audience or not. That said, I will admit it is nice when others like it (or don’t) enough to leave a comment!

    • thanks. I did not base my gripe about lack of comment on the answers from my followers, but on the overall breakdown of data from search engine – I deeply appreciate that there are people who regularly look up this blog, and I do not expect them to write. I was just surprised that most new viewers came through the posts on my journals and books, even though some of them are 6 months old, while the Bestiary hits were trailing down in the doldrums.

  4. Hi Kris, today I came across two of your books on a shelf in a house that I clean. I regrettably have never heard of you up until today but I’ve just spent an hour looking at your artwork and I think it is absolutely wonderful! You are a very talented man in all fields. I would love to purchase a 2014 calender as soon as it’s ready, how do I go about that? I will also save up to buy all of your books 🙂

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