Calendar 2013 finally out

I apologise for a month gap in my posts, I spent the last 42 days afloat, trying to sail a crippled yacht from Bali to Darwin. Yes, 42 days to cover 950 miles. I have taken on a delivery job, a convoluted tale of a drowned Vietnam vet, ageing English motor sailer abandoned in Bali, contested will and inexperienced new owner in Darwin. What meant to be a 2-week sail, or three weeks at the most, turned into a story splashed over newspapers and chewed to death in our Yacht Club over the 6 weeks that it took to resolve.

Vessel in question is a 40-foot 18-ton steel nightmare that was never designed to be sailed. 1970 motor boat that someone stuck two masts on to make it look pretty. She doesn’t. Look pretty.

In the three years that she was moored abandoned in Bali her engine got flooded and died and I agreed to sail her to Darwin under sail alone. She would not sail. Monsoon was late. I was making no progress. Then developing cyclone ripped the rest of my sails away, I ran out of food, boat started to take water. 30 days out I signalled for a tow and the owner dispatched a big sailing boat that finally towed us to Darwin a couple of days ago. That was my Christmas break. I do not call it adventure. When people ask me about the trip, I say – have you ever had a job that went three weeks longer than you planned? Of course you did. So did I.

Now, what it has to do with my blog?

The delivery trip was not really about bringing the boat back to Darwin, it was about getting home the things I had printed in Denpasar. New edition of my next book, “Out of Census”, and most important,

2013 calendar

which I featured as the very first blog post in here, in July last year. So, the calendar is belatedly released, an A3 affair of 13 B/W pages.

The two next drawings are taken from the calendar.

webcandle poetwebcover

And Happy New year everyone.

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