Granite font

This font was inspired by a sculpture that I saw almost 40 years ago. Carved out of solid chunk of granite by a South American artist, about a metre cube, it was called “Kiss” or “Lovers” or something like that, I can’t remember. I saw it on an exhibition in Zwinger, in East Germany, in the 70ies. Massive block of stone, two figures sitting on their bum, intertwined in an embrace. Very little stone was taken away from the original cube, it remained as chunky as the quarried block. The impression it created was powerful, and as we circled around the statue, I realised how little has to be done to the material to create a strong feeling, to convey a meaning, to define a shape. Ever since then I played with different ways to express an idea with minimum of intrusion.  Granite font is one outcome. I have drawn variations on it many times over the years, this version I created when I was drawing my Calendar for 2013 last year.


Kerning is zero, so letters sit tight together. Where space is at premium, as on a calendar page, individual letters or numbers slide behind each other. The only concern is keeping the meaning clear, even though some signs shrink to a mere suggestion, like in the number “30” here, or letter “a” in “Larsen” below.

In this case incisions are deeper. Variants are countless. Have fun.

As an aside, as we kept circling the sculpture in Dresden, we felt that something was a bit weird, but we couldn’t identify it, until Honza noticed that one leg was missing.  Between the two, lovers ought to have eight limbs, but the sculptor only produced seven. In their tangle they were a leg short, yet the overall impression was not affected. One of the most powerful sculptures I have seen.

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