New acrylics

I returned to Darwin after eleven years bumming on a boat around Indian Ocean and Western Pacific. Culture shock was instant. Luckily I was busy earning living and putting on some weight, so the adjustment stress only showed when I picked up a brush. At first I did a good deal of signwriting, which also reflected in my work.

“Signwriter” is a weird self portrait with the subject turning his back on the viewer. Symbolism was not intentional, it all sprung onto board naturally.

“Petrol head dynosaurs” is one of the larger works of mine. Since we came back to Oz, I haven’t had a car. And it feels great, riding bicycle everywhere.

“Pink slaves” look like a social critique. I did not intend it that way. I was going to be playful, that’s all.

Another unexplainable self portrait I did in Davao while I was waiting for the Arawana Printers to roll out the first print of “Monsoon Dervish” book. Limited palette comes courtesy of Triton Paints, acrylics you use to paint bankas.

Photos by Nat from

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