Last Silaga acrylics

I’ve been always fascinated by Greek Orthodox icons as painted in Russia. My Russian descend has probably some role in it. I couldn’t imagine painting an icon on canvas; it has to be done properly, on solid timber. My “St Francis with a squirrel” is painted with acrylic on Ipil plank. Hands were done from a live model – myself.

“Winner takes all” spent six years in incubation. Several drawings, several attempts, different perspective. From the very beginning this painting was talking to me, strongly, yet I did not understand it, no matter how much I tried. Till the very last day, when I had it all done except the top right corner,  I couldn’t see what it was all about. Then, on impulse, unplanned, I painted a little self portrait in the mirror. At that moment everything clicked, and I laid the brush content, even though I can’t express in words what it means.

Last painting I did before we left Palawan and sailed south to Australia, it sprung onto the plywood in three days, without any planning or preparation. I’ve been painting a lot of fish those days, I’ve been patching up my boat for a long trip, I was looking forwards to a passage somewhere new. It all found its way in.

Photos by Nat from

One thought on “Last Silaga acrylics

  1. “Winner takes all” is very intriguing. I have this gut feeling that I get what you mean, but as you said, it’s hard to put into words. Words like totality, Ego, ID, Super Ego, Freud, You, Decision making, Chance comes to mind but when I try to put it in words (how I understand it), it fails to grasp what the image itself says in one go. I guess the image showed something about you that words cannot as fully grasp nor can be as immediate. Great work mate!

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