Fancy books

Next Wet we are going to have another book launch, and a connected little show titled “Publish and be Damned”. I have invited several friends to contribute, and the ideas swirling around sound fabulous. Myself, besides the actual book that will be launched (“Out of Census”), I will contribute several hand bound journals. Pearl book from the last post will be one one them. Four books profiled today will be also included.

“Barramundi man” is a little carving I bought at a Jalan Comoro Market in Dilli, East Timor. I set him into jarra plank that came from a demolished house. Spine is tanned barramundi skin, paper is archival Edition 90gsm.

“Barramundi woman” carries different coloured spine.

Most timbers warp in the wet tropics, so the book covers need to be substantial, if they are not to collapse when the seasons change.

One way to strengthen the cover  is laminating it from several layers. In here narra and ipil, both originally old doors.

Spine is a machine embroidered ribbon. All books are codex sewn in signatures, so they do not ever fall apart.

Tibetan mandala has been my trademark signature for  over 40 years and I am still not tired of it.

Dragonfly is a Darwin mascot. In here it’s Burmese teak from an old boat trimming, laminated onto Japanese aodamo from a fancy packing crate. I collect bits of nice timber like magpies collect shiny things.

Photos by Nat from

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