Twisted oils

“Fairy light”, oil on plywood

Senseless cruelty against defenseless creatures stared at me from this painting, once I finished it. That’s not what I set out to paint, but the original subject morphed under my brush, twisting the composition away from the initial layout.

“Tribute to Escher”, oil on board

As the work on my Bestiary progressed, I accumulate enough creatures to arrange them into Escher-like matrix, alternating light and dark, in a square grid. One of my larger paintings, it’s about a metre tall.

“Lilith”, oil on board

In Hebrew lore Lilith was the first wife of Adam. Willful and independent, she refused the subordinate role and she was thrown out of Eden, to become a mother of daemons.

“Malaria”, oil on plywood

I like painting with a limited pallet. Looking at my more successful paintings I also noticed that I often include three main topics of interest in a canvas. Two Moons, hut on chicken legs from Russian folklore and the Fever forms the composition here. In my years in tropics I had all four kinds of malaria; with Falciparum and Vivax both several times.

“Il Navigatore”, oil on plywood

When I first started, my goal was to learn enough realistic painting, so I could do recognisable portraits. A year later an ordinary portrait wasn’t enough. I wanted to put more in. With only two of us around, and often only myself as a company, I did many selfportraits. This one is the earliest that survived.

Photos by Nat from

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