More marbling

For some reason certain colours were easier to control while throwing the initial stones onto the size. Blue and white were usually all right. Green wasn’t that difficult, but all the warm colours were very difficult to control, and they would never settle for long enough to get a fixed print. They kept spreading even after we combed the pattern, and after we judged that the marbling was good enough to print, we had only a second or two to lay the paper on to capture the print. Some days warm colours did not work at all.

Combing an image directly into size is demanding. You only have several seconds after you threw colour stones before the paint starts spreading out of control. Many prints came out very different from what we imagined, and about half of the attempts were a waste. When we found another combable motif, we worked on it until we could reproduce the patternt on demand.

Black was another colour that came out all right regularly.

Most successful images were of the creatures with strong texture and scalloping – serpents, fish, birds.

My Bestiary includes also recent additions to the lore of mythology. This is Hooloovoo, Suprainteligent Manifestation of Colour Blue, from Doug Adams’  “Hitchhiker’s guide to the Galaxy.”

All images are scans, about 60-80% of true size.

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