Early acrylics

“Celestial smoko”, acrylic on plywood

When I got sick of my oil paintings molding away in the humidity of tropics, I switched to acrylic paints. Base was done with industrial boat-painting acrylics, and only the last layer was Korean artists’ paints. Some of the hues in the paint box were shocking, like this glacier turquoise, and several painting grew around an idea of using up useless colour in a tube. The island in the can is Malapacao, where I met Nat.

“Chesterton’s tree”, acrylic on plywood

Chesterton writes of a tree which devours all the birds that sit on its’ branches, then in the spring it shoots feathers instead of leaves. Pomegranates full of shame is an extension of his idea.

“Creation omelet”. acrylic on plywood

Fried eggs appear on several of my paintings, but I have no rational explanation for them.

“Ouroboros”, acrylic on plywood

Ouroboros is a world snake of Greek mythology, giant serpent encircling the Okean and biting its’ own tail.

“Promenade”, acrylic on plywood

Ebony door and a headless Arimaspian also appear several times in my work. I can identify with the way he feels about the outside world.

All photos by Nat from smallestforest.net

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