Bicycle Dreaming book illustrations

As you can see, my paintings and drawings come in bunches, loosely connected to other work I am doing.

One of the first comments I received came from Henry, my brother in chocolate, and I thought: what did Henry see from my work, over the years? And it looks like he had seen very little. Even the illustrations scattered in my books did not reach beyond the narrow circle of people who actually bought the book. So, at a cost of repeating myself to those who have a copy, I am going to post a few pictures from “Bicycle Dreaming”. The six of the best drawings are on my website, another twenty I will split between two posts today.

“Bicycle Dreaming” is a non-fiction book about bicycles, Australian desert, crazy guys who raced across the trackless outback a hundred years ago, crazy guys who go out there riding today. A few years ago I built myself a recumbent bike out of scrap from the city dump.  Every year after the Wet, while there is still surface water in the desert, I take my trusty “Kraken” for a ride in the outback, a few weeks in the no-man’s land of northern and central Australia. “Bicycle Dreaming” is about that as well. Illustrations may seen only remotely anchored to the subject, but believe me, out there, the world feels very different.

Not an exaggeration. Boabs are incredible trees, and in the Kimberley they are not shy about their size.

Brolgas come out dancing towards the sunset, when all the traffic on the road dies for the day.

That is my usual camp along a dirt road in the outback: “Kraken” propped up against a road sign, rider stretched in the sleeping bag next to it, 10 hours’ ride to the next water source.

Dream bilabong in the Kimberley where I started writing the book.

Most of the outback tourists are too busy filming through the windscreen to stop for a chat.

This was an alternative book cover, well depicting my state of mind on the road.

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