Calendar 2013

Starting a blog is an intimidating experience. I tore up several drafts, what I was going to say on the first page. I still have nothing. So instead of blah-blah-blah I will just post a few drawings I’ve been working on. They will form a calendar for the next year, drawing will be in the top part, days and dates below. Finished size A3, black and white, hanging-on-the-wall thing.

That’s the outer cover of the calendar, in full size it will be A3













And a couple of extra pictures for a good measure

9 thoughts on “Calendar 2013

  1. It’s about time, people were starting to think I had made you up, and there’s so much of your work that deserves to be seen by more than just me and the cat.

  2. Ha ha, knowing you, I bet that at the end of the year, you’ll create enough artworks to for a 800 page illustrated book. Imagine a novel without paragraphs. Where you use words as part of the illustration and the illustration itself tells the story 🙂 Great work!

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  4. What an amazing talent you have! I read your other site and am wondering why we cannot buy your book(s) in the US? I should check Facebook, perhaps we have a mutual friend in Canada…

    • There are two things which stop me from entering US market – one is postage fees. By post it costs about $20 per book to send it to the States, plus US government slapped $8 security surcharge on every item arriving. I ask $20 per copy, which is reasonable, but the postage makes the total close to $50, which is ridiculous. I believe books ought to be affordable. I had a number of inquiries from US, a lot of e-mail went to and fro, and in the end every one pulled out because of cost of shipping.
      Second reason is transferring money. PayPal and their likes do not deal with POBox adresses. We live on a boat in the middle of harbour, and POBox is all we have ashore. It’s good enough for our Police and local banks, but not good enough for Internet bag men. Also, specifically, PayPal went political over WikiLeaks, so I went political over PayPal. To clients in Europe and in Canada I offer Western Union as alternative way to transfer money, or a cash in an envelope. It works, either way, but costs vary widely between countries.
      Within Australia it’s easy, $4 a book for postage, direct bank transfer or cheque in the mail, no hassle.


      • I do understand… and thank you for taking time to explain it. I guess that is why so many people make e-books, although it is not the same as holding a treasure in your hand. Until then I will just follow you and Nat online. I am also a bookbinder so I had discovered her Smallest Forest a while ago and it is lovely to see you here too. Enjoy your journeys!

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